Arts Thread is a London based company, which provides advice, information, job opportunities, competitions, and portfolio showcases for new creatives. It's a fantastic site, however it was very confusing for users. I had done some research with the target market to establish what needed to change and why things did not work well.

This my final designs for their updated branding, website, and poster.

I wanted the branding to be bright but also non-gendered so it appeals to everyone. The brand identity also had to look modern and simplistic. I created a unique shape which can be associated with the company, it's a combination of the 4 main shapes they use (circle, hexagon, diamond, and triangle), this would be used for directions at events, guides, etc.

The website is simplistic but provides the right amount of information and organised easier. The old website had too many list-like features whereas this layout makes it look exciting and visually pleasing. Above is the homepage, showing about the company and how it works, along with the main menu. Above is also the Events page, which is coded with the shapes so that the events can be quickly viewed, having the events page in a calendar format means it's effortless to view. 


A few months ago I worked with company Arts Thread from London. We established that they needed to update their branding and website, and hopefully get more adverts out there. I spent a 6 weeks working with them, pitching ideas, boardroom meetings, etc. It was a team work effort between me and Tom Scandariato. Alex Brownless, the co-founder, really enjoyed our work.

I wanted to go back through the project with more clarity and change things around dramatically. Above is my quick wireframe sketch for the new website layout, and so on the next post I will show you the final outcomes of my work, portfolio ready. 


As a self initiated project, I chose to do advertising for Penguin books. I felt that not a lot of young people where influenced to read the old classic books, by authors like Charlotte Bronte and Shakespeare in their own time, outside of school curriculum. As a strategy, I wanted to make these books sound interesting by just focusing briefly on the storyline without giving too much away. I decided to use common spoken language as a tone of voice so it relates to a younger generation. I am working on one poster, using cut out typography, for one of the books. This poster could be placed on the internet or outdoor, and would start discussion by the purposeful question at the end. 

I came up with two initial ideas for this project; the concept above, and a rumour/gossip poster series. The rumour series of posters would have questions, like "Did you know Lady Brett had an affair?". The consumer would become intrigued and want to find out more so it would lead onto social media using #PenguinGossip, ultimately revealing the final books the rumours were written about. Personally I liked both ideas but felt that the first concept would get across the storyline greater. 

I shall post on my blog the final finished poster when it's completed. 


Allude is a shop that specialises in cashmere, and Holt was responsible for their F/W campaign. I love these for their little details and minimalistic approach to fashion advertising. The adverts show just how soft their material is by placing the products next to skin, flowing with the body and curves. The material is almost mimicking the skin. The Matisse style cut outs adds a surreal element, and the calming colours bind the whole concept together of alluding luxury.


Photography by Liam Griffiths and Emily Lewis

Me and Liam decided to have a bit of a laugh on a photoshoot recently. The original aim of the photoshoot was for a self initiated project for Topshop and Topman - whereby the two people TopWoman and TopMan would meet for the first time. Topman has been around since 1970 but they two genders have never appeared together for an advert. The campaign was going to focus on consumer interaction via social networking and instore, to help guide the two on where to meet, what to wear, etc.

However during the progress of the project, I discovered that Warehouse clothing did something so so similar I didn't want to copy it. I think I may wait and develop the TopMan/Woman project further first. Plus these photos for were just a standby mock up until we casted "real models", well for my replacement anyway (I think Liam looks like a fantastic model to me).

In one of the photos above, Liam is wearing my woman's hat and sunglasses. So fabulous.

Please tell me how you would improve my idea? Or see the idea run.


So if you're anything like me, addicted to Pinterest or Tumblr, you may have spotted these around. They are the creation of award-winning Italian film directer Davide Bedoni. He posts the mashups of the Nike logo swoosh and 18th/19th century paintings on his Tumblr page "Swoosh Art". The Nike logo was created by Carolyn Davidson in 1971, the company was originally named Blue Ribbon Sports and later changed to Nike in 1971 (Thank heavens they changed their name to sound less like a chocolate bar).

Although some comments have claimed that this is a "cheap defacement of these artworks", I disagree - it brings these masterpieces to life again and seen by the world who may not have seen them otherwise. I admire the contrast between the traditional, antique and the modern world, showing just how far apart society has come. (Or am I getting too deep here?). At the end of the day, this is some fun that a guy likes to do in his spare time, what's the harm.

Anyway I would love to hear your opinions on them!

These two are my favourite so far; left, Rene-Charles Dassy and his brother Jean-Baptiste-Claude Amede Dassy by Jean-Hippolyte Flandrin 1850, and right, Clouds Over Lake Geneva by Gustave Courbet.

Check out more of the work here on Swoosh Art Tumblr page 


Here's a little update for you as I've haven't been up to the minute with my social networking. I started a little project for myself and had help from, my boyfriend/partner in crime, Liam Griffiths. The photos above are from behind the scenes of the photoshoot we did for an advertising campaign for Topshop and Topman. I was Art Director for the project as well as a model - I can multitask! We used ourselves as models because we just wanted to experiment and have fun - but you'll see more posts about that project in the future, as I had to plan it out. If I wanted to take it a step further I would hire professional models and photographer.

Another thing is, I have been currently designing my own online portfolio website! I taught myself the software from Adobe and been slightly addicted to it. I shall hopefully be launching that in a couple of months.

And...if you haven't guessed and was wondering where I got my outfit from, the black long sleeve crop top and patterned culottes are from Topshop. 
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